Christian Life Middle School

Christian Life Middle School culture and curriculum builds a bridge between elementary and high school, boosting our students’ confidence and preparing them for the next step in their academic journey. The middle school years of a student are foundational and developmental years on which their adulthood will be built. It is our mission as a staff to serve as catalysts to help students to reach their full potential.


Our exemplary middle school staff focuses on increased student achievement with instruction methods that reflect current research and proven effective classroom practices. Our teachers collaborate to improve student learning. We set challenging goals and encourage our students to give their best effort to achieve high academic standards.

We firmly believe that student success is directly related to the active role a parent plays in the academic education and character development of the student. When we partner together it demonstrates the importance of education that in turn reflects academic success.

Spiritual Development

As a ministry of City First, Christian Life Schools partners with our campus pastor, Sonny Savitski and numerous City First interns, to provide a weekly chapel experience for students each Friday. Each chapel session consists of a live worship band and message to encourage, guide and challenge students spiritually.

Once a year, Christian Life Middle School students attend spiritual emphasis week. During this week, a guest speaker is brought in to focus and challenge our students to strive for excellence in their walk with Christ. In a society where even the strongest and most secure child or teenager can experience the pressures of negative influences, Christian Life provides a place of security, constancy, and spiritual relevance.

Middle School students are also afforded the opportunity to attend a one-day retreat held once a year at the Lake Geneva Conference Center in Lake Geneva, WI. During the Middle School retreat, students participate in activities designed to cultivate leadership and team building qualities, and attend services with a live worship band and special speaker.

Dress Code Policy

Christian Life Schools has a uniform dress code for all students (PreK-12th). The goals of the uniform are as follows:

  • Promote unity among students
  • Provide a standard of dress that is modest, easy to maintain, and accessible to all
  • Promote neat, comfortable attire in a cost-efficient manner

Students are to remain in these clothes throughout the school day (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.), from entering the school building until departing the school grounds. (Includes free hours, study hall, hallways, etc.)


Grades Pre-K through 5th only. Solid navy or tan khaki (no shorter than 3” from floor when kneeling).


Grades Pre-K through 12th may wear a Box Pleat or A-line uniform style skirt in CLS Plaid*, navy and tan khaki (no shorter than 3” from floor when kneeling). *


Grades Pre-K through 5th only. Uniform style, Bermuda (long length) shorts in either tan khaki or navy blue colors. May wear up to October 15th and after April 14th. (Seasonal dress)


Docker/uniform style, loose-fitting capris. No denim, no jean style, no khaki jeans, no jeggings, no form-fitting capris, no low-rise hip huggers. Length must be past the knee. May wear up to October 15th and after April 14th. (Seasonal dress for Pre-K through 5th)


Leggings: Can only be worn under uniform skirt. No netting or lace.


Docker/uniform or cargo style shorts. No denim, no jean style, no khaki jeans, no low-rise hip huggers. Shorts length must reach knees. (Seasonal dress for Pre-K through 5th)


Loose-fitting, uniform style polo with 2-3 buttons (long/short sleeves), Oxford dress shirt. Polo shirts may be left untucked. Oxford shirts MUST be tucked in and buttoned. Wearing layered shirts is permissible.

Sweatshirts/jackets may not be worn under polo shirts.


Undergarments should not be visible.


Docker/uniform or cargo-style pant. No denim, no jean style, no khaki jeans, no low-rise hip huggers, no leggings/jeggings.


Polo and sweater colors are white, navy, light blue, red, hunter green, yellow, and gray. No gold. Without a tie, oxford color is white only. All grades may wear ties with a solid color button down Oxford only.

Pants, shorts, skirts, capris, skorts and jumpers are to be khaki or navy. No green khaki. Sweaters

V-neck, crewneck pullover, or cardigan sweater in a solid polo color (no designs or patterns). A shirt, as described above (polo or oxford-style button down) must be worn under any style of sweater.

CLS Sweatshirts/Zip Ups

May be worn Monday – Friday. Purchased through the school offices or online. CLS crewneck, CLS hoodie, or CLS full-zip fleece: Students are required to wear a uniform shirt underneath, if sweatshirt is to be removed.


All grades need to wear non-marking shoes to protect the gym floor. During P.E., all students are expected to wear non-marking athletic shoes.

Grades Pre-K through 5th – Shoes need to have a full heel or strap around the back of foot and covered toe. Students must wear socks. No hiking boots, flip-flops, slippers or rollerskate shoes. Shoes must remain on feet at all times.

Grades 6th through 12th – Tennis shoes, sandals, casual or dress shoes may be worn with or without socks, nylons, or tights. No slippers or rollerskate shoes. Shoes must remain on feet at all times.


Christian Life students are to be conservative with hair style and avoid drawing attention to themselves (punk, mohawk, spiked, tails, etc.). Hair should be clean, neatly trimmed, and predominantly one of the four natural colors (brown, black, blonde, red).

The CLS Administration will make a final determination on any questionable haircuts and determine whether the haircut is ac­ceptable or not. Boys’ hair should be shoulder-length or shorter.

Miscellaneous (These restrictions apply to school hours and any school-related activities.)

  • Earrings are permissible for girls only; only small studs are permissible in nose piercings.
  • Visible Tattoos or other body piercings are not allowed.
  • Neck chains, pendants, rings, and wrist bracelets may be worn as long as they do not distract from the learning environment, and do not contradict Christian standards/values.
  • Head coverings (hats/caps, sweatbands, bandanas, etc.) and sunglasses may not be worn in the building during school hours.

Fridays – School Spirit Wear!

Every Friday is “School Spirit Wear Day.” This is not a casual dress day! Students must wear either school spirit attire and jeans/khakis or remain in accordance with the weekly standard uniform policy. (NO tears, holes or frays.)

School Spirit Wear defined:

CLS spirit wear shirts are purchased through the office, CLS team shirts as approved through the Athletic Director, and school shirts representing school-sanctioned programs (i.e. music, band, class trips, missions, etc.). Shirts MUST have the name of the school or logo to be worn on Fridays.

Casual Dress

On special occasions, students are allowed to forego the school uniform for casual dress. On these days, modesty is the overwhelming priority. Clothing must not be revealing. Students may not wear yoga pants, leggings, or clothing with writing across the backside. Normal dress code guidelines remain in effect in matters of hair, shoes, jewelry, head covering, clothing without tears, holes or frays, etc.

Dress for Athletic Practices & Special Activities

During practices for athletics, standard P.E. uniform or the practice uniform for that specific sport is required. Students are to be in the gym or practice rooms dressed in acceptable practice attire.

Males must wear a shirt during practice sessions both in the building and outside. Shorts with writing across the backside are not permitted.

Females must wear t-shirts. Tank tops, pants/shorts with writing across the backside are not permitted.

For special activities, the dress code may be altered by the administration. Regardless of the activity, Christian modesty is required.

During homecoming spirit week, powder-puff activities, and class-sponsored special chapels, shorts, if worn, must be bermuda style or basketball style; no short shorts, spandex, yoga pants, or leggings are allowed. Tank tops are not allowed.

Lunch Menu

Extended Care program

The Extended Care program at Christian Life Schools is an additional program made available for those students who need care before school and/or after the school day ends. Before care begins at 6:30am and after care ends at 5:30pm. The fee is $5 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. You are only billed for the time you use. This program is available for students in all-day Preschool Programs through Eighth Grade.

Extended Care Program Hours

Mornings – 6:30a.m. – 7:50a.m.

Afternoons – 3:15p.m. – 5:30p.m.

Program Guidelines

  • Morning Care (Located in the South Gym)
    • Morning care begins at 6:30a.m.
    • No student should be dropped off before this time.
    • Students will remain in extended care until 7:45a.m. (No charge after 7:45a.m.)
    • Part-time PreK students may only utilize morning care.
  • Afternoon Care (PreK3-Kindergarten located in room 155; 1st-8th grade located in IMC next to the Library)
    • Dismissal time is 3:00p.m.
    • Any student not picked up 15 minutes after dismissal will be required to report to supervised Extended Care.
    • All students must be picked up by 5:30p.m.
  • An Emergency Form must be filled out prior to using the program.
  • Extended Care concludes at 5:30p.m. each day. Late fees will be assessed for all pick-ups after 5:30pm. Please allow extra time to arrive at the school, especially during winter months.
    1. 1st and 2nd time a parent is late:

      1. Parent will sign a Late Pick-Up notice upon arrival.
      2. Parent will receive a call from the office the next day notifying them of the late fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes after 5:30pm (i.e. 5:31 – 5:45, the late fee will be $5.00; 5:46 – 6:00, an additional $5.00 will be charged for a total late fee of $10.00 , etc.)t
    2. 3rd time a parent is late:
      1. Parent will sign a Late Pick-Up notice upon arrival.
      2. Parent will receive a call from the office the next day to notify them of the late fee to be charged to their Extended Care account and that they will be unable to use Afternoon Extended Care for 2 weeks.
    3. 4th time a parent is late:
      1. Parent will sign Late Pick-Up notice upon arrival.
      2. Parent will receive a phone call from the office the next day to notify them of the late fee to be charged to their Extended Care account and that they will no longer be able to use Extended Care for the remainder of the school year.
  • Any middle school student wanting to watch a home game is required to check into extended care until game time. He/She must have written permission from parent or guardian to leave extended care at that time.
  • Middle School students who participate in a sport and are left on campus are required to report to extended care.

Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule– Monday-Thursday (5 minute passing periods)

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time
Study Hall2:30PM3:00PM

Bell Schedule-Friday (5 minute passing periods)

PeriodStart TimeEnd Time

Sick Policy

In an effort to keep the Christian Life family as healthy as possible, we ask that you use the following guidelines to determine if you child is ill. These guidelines will determine whether a child may attend school or if he/she needs to be kept home or picked up from school.

If your child has any of the following symptoms the night before or before leaving for school in the morning, we ask that you seriously consider keeping your child home. Also know that if your child is sent to school or comes down with any of the following symptoms, you will be called and asked to come and pick up your child from school. 

  • Fever of 100o F or higher
  • Diarrhea once in a day with a fever
  • Diarrhea 2 times in a day, without a fever
  • Vomiting
  • Runny red eyes with discharge (pink eye)
  • Excessive coughing, difficulty breathing
  • Excessive runny nose with unclear or colored mucus
  • Unidentified rash
  • Listlessness or inability to participate normally in classroom activities

Before any child may return to school, the child must remain symptom-free for 24 hours. 

Communicable Diseases

If your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease, you are required to notify the school. Reportable communicable diseases include, but are not limited to:

  • Strep throat                               
  • Ringworm
  • Scabies
  • Chicken pox
  • Influenza
  • Pink eye
  • Head lice
  • Hand, foot, and mouth disease
  • Coronavirus

Your child cannot return to school until they are totally free of all symptoms. A doctor’s note/release may be required at the principal’s discretion.

School Supply List

Middle School Course Offerings

  • Music Survey/Choir
  • STEAM 1
  • STEAM 2
  • Study Skills
  • World Language
  • Technology
  • Art