College Prep

Dual Credit Program At Rock Valley College

Christian Life offers programs to challenge honors students as well as the opportunity for juniors and seniors to attend Rock Valley College during the school day. A dual credit program enables students to earn both college credit and high school credit for courses at Rock Valley College. College credit course grades placed on Christian Life High School transcripts are weighted.

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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses & Tests

Available AP Courses:

  • U.S. History
  • Calculus

There are currently 34 tests in a wide variety of subject areas currently available to high school students:

Art HistoryEnglish-Language & CompositionMusic Theory
Studio Art DesignEnvironmental SciencePhysics B
Studio Art 2-D DesignFrench-LanguagePhysics C (Mechanics)
Studio Art 3-D DesignGerman-LanguagePhysics C (Electricity & Magnetism)
BiologyGovernment & Politics-ComparativeSpanish-Language
Calculus ABHistory-EuropeanSpanish-Literature
Calculus BCHistory-United StatesStatistics
Chemistry History-World 
Computer Science AHuman Geography 
Computer Science ABLatin-Literature 

Special Curriculum Features

  • Our advanced coursework students can participate in bi-annual international trips to the British Isles (English Department).
  • Christian Life students also have the opportunity to receive experience in the work world and earn school credits by either participating in our work-study program or the teacher’s assistant program.
  • Over 50+ online classes are also available for high school credits on our Christian Life campus.

 For more information, e-mail our Guidance Counselor, Duke Ducett, at

Helpful Resources for the College Bound

Financial Aid Information (FAFSA)

Christian College Guide 

The Princeton Review

Approximately 90% of our graduates attend college, while the remaining 10% enter the work force or military service. Colleges and universities offering admissions to our graduates include: